Here we go again! Finally we’ve got a weekly tournament at the Bata again. Every Wednesday at 7pm it’s “20 BUCKS” and that’s exactly what it’s all about.

We’re going to play 10 ball with a 20,- Euro* entry fee. We play with only two players minimum. Depending on the number of players, we’re playing different tournament modes. 2 players play a single match, race to 15. 3 to 6 players play a round-robin format, and from 7 players upwards we’re playing in the swiss system. The best 25% of players get the pot (details).

Every player can be sure to play a couple of hours against the best players from Berlin. And what’s also sure: It’s over at midnight the latest.

* plus 5,- Euro flat table fee per person, doesn’t apply to Bata Card holders

There’s a new face in town! We’ve got great news: Ralph Eckert, well-known coach, professional player and trickshot world champion is moving to Berlin. And he chose the Bata Bar & Billiards as his place to practice. Ralph’s becoming our house pro. He’s gonna practice here, give lessons and might be available for a couple of challenge matches. He starts his time in Berlin with the party for his 50th birthday on April 3rd at the Bata. Ralph, Berlin says welcome!

Our opening hours at the end of the year are pretty simple:

On the other days in between we’re open from 3pm, of course.

We’ll be starting the Bata Team-Liga in October or November, our fun team league at the Bata. We haven’t fixed any dates yet, but here’s the basic information. If you want to play, please pre-register by email to or give our bar staff a hint.

News: We’re starting on Jan. 16th, 2015. Join now!

The Bata team league

  • we play 8-Ball
  • 3 players per team
  • round robin
  • matchdays are Friday at 7pm
  • length of the season – 3 months
  • 8 teams in the league

Pre-register your team now. Season starts in October / November. To pre-register please send an email to or give our bar staff a hint.

From September 11-14th, the Kulturfestival Wedding-Moabit takes place in Berlin. In both disctricts many places offer concerts, exhibitions and events. The Bata is involved, too: First with “Bata’s fabolous day of billiards” on thursday, second with Maria Evridiki Poulopoulou’s exhibition “This is bad”. See you there!

From now on members of the online dating site can have their first date at the Bata. Members of the site, that is specialized on online dating for sports enthusiasts, get one hour of free pool. Of course you can find the code for the free hour only on Well then, have fun!

We didn’t think about it too long when we got the chance to host the only european qualifier for the prestigious World Tournament of 14.1. And so it came that 18 of the top european players met last weekend to fight for two spots for New York and 800,- Euro  each for travel expenses. The qualifier was played with a double elimination format, races to 125. Read more

Even before the first Bata Brunch which is happening today, we changed something in favour of our guests: We split the price of 20, Euros for food and billiards into two parts.

For 10,- Euros you can eat as much as you like from our brunch buffet, whereas you can play as much pool as you like for another 10,- Euros. Each from 10am to 5pm.

So, if you were hesitating because you either didn’t want to eat as much or play as much, you can choose now: all you can eat, all you can play, or both!

See the event details on this website.

Yay, we’re almost there! The football world cup is about to start, and of course we’re all looking for a good place to watch the matches, or in denglish: we’re looking for public viewing in Berlin. And to make this search easier for you and for us, we’ll be showing the matches of the football world cup 2014 right at the Bata. We’ve got a huge screen, a decent HD projector and a top notch sound system. We’ve got a tv satellite receiver, DVB-T and an internet stream, that’s a double redundant signal just in case of an earthquake, thunderstorms or Godzilla coming after us.

Bonus: If a match is shittier than expected, you can switch to one of our 12 pool tables and kick them in yourself!

Now check our calendar for all the football dates at the Bata!

Paul stalked us with his camera again and created a hilarious video. The video shows why you shouldn’t play too defensive when the score is 2:1, how to stop a container truck with a bike and why it’s always good to have a spare fork lift at hand.

Here’s the video (make sure to activate the english subtitles):

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.