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It’s about time to give you an update about how far we’ve got already. We can’t wait, but it seems to be worse for some of you.

Most important: We’re getting somewhere! We made the most important decisions, we can already see the Bata in its full splendour. Now we just need to match reality  with our visions.

When are you going to open?!?

The most-asked questions of the last weeks. True answer: we don’t know. We are planning to open at the end of April 2014, but please check on our website before you turn up at our door on may 1st. We don’t want you to take substitute drugs like e-darts or crack in your first shock.

Logo and graphic design

Al least we are looking good already. Just this week we got our business cards, and more designs for flyers and posters are in the pipeline. See here:



Diamond tables

For the pool nerds: One of our  highlights will be the top notch pool tables from Diamond. Diamond builds the best (and most expensive) pool tables world wide. We wanna have them, so we ordered a few. Part of the deal is a rare 10ft table from Diamond, the first ever in Germany. 10ft means that it’s a foot longer and half a foot wider than the “regular” already pretty large pool tables you find in pool halls. A monster that intimidates the best players (and gives them shivers at the same time). Right now these little babies are sailing across the atlantic. They will arrive at the beginning of April, yay!

Der 10-Fuß Diamond in voller Pracht

The 10ft Diamond… Ah, what a beauty!

Beta test

We don’t know exactly when we are going to open. That means, we won’t open with a big bang (=big opening party), but with a “beta test” you might know from iphone apps or other software. It means that we will open the Bata to a small group of friends before we open to the general public. What you have to do to be part of it? Just register for our newsletter, that’s all! Now enter your email address in the box right next to this post (in the sidebar), and we will inform you when we start.

From now on, we will post regular updates about the Bata. So stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter now.

All the best
Patrick, Michael und Matthias