All right, friends, we’re ready… We open the Bata on May 3rd and 4th, starting from 3pm with our “beta test”. beta@BATA so to say. This means for you:

  • play pool for free on both days
  • see Diamond tables in real life, touch them and even play on them
  • test the first 10ft table in Berlin
  • watch the snooker world championship finals on our large tv screen
  • drink delicious drinks
  • experience our incredible sound system (We’re cracking a nut with a sledgehammer here. And you’re the nut.)
  • on demand crash curses how to play pool

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Our friend Paul just started watching us with his camera while we are constructing the Bata.  Here’s the first result. In the video we explain what the Bata is about, what we have to do with a little girl from the mountains and why Patrick doesn’t have a bad conscience.

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It’s about time to give you an update about how far we’ve got already. We can’t wait, but it seems to be worse for some of you.

Most important: We’re getting somewhere! We made the most important decisions, we can already see the Bata in its full splendour. Now we just need to match reality  with our visions.

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