Wir suchen eine/n neuen Kollegen/in für den Service im Bata Bar & Billiards, unserem schönen Billardsalon mit angeschlossener Bar / Lounge.

Wichtig ist uns:

  • Du bist offen, freundlich und liebst den Umgang mit Gästen.
  • Du denkst mit und trägst Verantwortung.
  • Du bist pünktlich und zuverlässig.
  • Du hast Erfahrung und Fachkenntnisse im Service (Bar, Café, Catering o.ä.).
  • Du sprichst fließend Deutsch und gut Englisch.
  • Du bist möglichst als Student/in eingeschrieben.
  • Du bist bereit, durchschnittlich an ca. 2-3 Tagen pro Woche zu arbeiten.

Wir bieten Dir nette Gäste, Kollegen und Chefs und die Möglichkeit, einen tollen Laden voranzubringen.

Das Bata Bar & Billiards ist ein Billardsalon mit 12 Billardtischen und einer großen Bar/Lounge mit Kicker, Dart und Tresenbereich. Einsatzzeiten sind täglich ab 15 Uhr bis spätestens 1 Uhr, am Wochenende auch länger (auf mehrere Schichten aufgeteilt). Die einzelnen Schichten dauern normalerweise nicht länger als 8 Stunden.

Wenn Du Interesse hast, schreibe uns eine Mail an info@batabar.com. Erzähle uns was von Dir, Deinen bisherigen Jobs und warum Du bei uns arbeiten möchtest.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

We organize a great Christmas party in Berlin for you and your employees with food, drinks, music and billiards. Enjoy a dinner with catering according to your wishes, and then play for example a small fun tournament at our well-kept billiard tables.
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When Achim Gharbi of the Touch German Tour called us in October 2017 and offered to bring Efren “Bata” Reyes, Earl “The Pearl” Strickland and Francisco “Django” Bustamante to the Bata, we had to think for exactly 13.5 milliseconds to come to the conclusion that we as the founders of Bata Bar & Billiards had to do this. We hesitated a bit until the final decision – the effort in terms of organisation and finances was quite something. And, to be honest, we weren’t quite sure how strong the demand would be in the hard-to-impress Berlin pool scene. As we soon found out, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Finally we confirmed the event for January 14th, 2018 after several guests promised to buy one of our six VIP packages.

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Straight Pool is a difficult game. The Diamond 10ft table at Bata Bar & Billiards is a difficut table. If you put both together, even two of the best players in Germany struggle. At our first 10ft Straight Pool Shootout at Bata Bar & Billiards the reigning German Champion Andre Lackner clashed with Bata House Pro and German pool legend Ralph Eckert in a racte to 200 for 500 Euros, winner takes all. The initiative for this match came from internationally known theater and opera director Michael Thalheimer, who wanted to see his coach Ralph in action finally. Read more

Of course you know that you can walk the streets of Berlin virtually with Google Street View. Not everybody knows though that you can also do this with various businesses. We just had it done for the Bata, so you can walk through the Bata from your computer or smartphone now. Read more

If you like the Bata Bar & Billiards in Berlin, you enjoy our stylish atmosphere. An if you’re coming from abroad, you need a hotel. Well, great that we have the Amano Grand Central around, which is stylish and only a three minute walk away from the Bata. And what’s even better: We have a deal with the Amano that gives you a great discount on the room and on the breakfast.

A standard room for up to two people you get for 82,- Euros and the breakfast for 7 Euros per person instead of 15. See this pdf file for all the details. The code for booking our deal is “billiards”.

Photo: Amano Grand Central


Often we have arguments about the proper rules at the pool table: Do you have to shoot the 8-ball in the same or opposite pocket? What happens when you sink the cue ball? And why are the guys at the next table playing with only 9 balls? We’re putting an end to these nagging questions now! Read more

Here we go again! Finally we’ve got a weekly tournament at the Bata again. Every Wednesday at 7pm it’s “20 BUCKS” and that’s exactly what it’s all about.

We’re going to play 10 ball with a 20,- Euro* entry fee. We play with only two players minimum. Depending on the number of players, we’re playing different tournament modes. 2 players play a single match, race to 15. 3 to 6 players play a round-robin format, and from 7 players upwards we’re playing in the swiss system. The best 25% of players get the pot (details).

Every player can be sure to play a couple of hours against the best players from Berlin. And what’s also sure: It’s over at midnight the latest.

* plus 5,- Euro flat table fee per person, doesn’t apply to Bata Card holders

There’s a new face in town! We’ve got great news: Ralph Eckert, well-known coach, professional player and trickshot world champion is moving to Berlin. And he chose the Bata Bar & Billiards as his place to practice. Ralph’s becoming our house pro. He’s gonna practice here, give lessons and might be available for a couple of challenge matches. He starts his time in Berlin with the party for his 50th birthday on April 3rd at the Bata. Ralph, Berlin says welcome!

Our opening hours at the end of the year are pretty simple:

On the other days in between we’re open from 3pm, of course.